We provide various masterplant ceremonies in Eindhoven, the Netherlands under the guidance of experienced supervisors.
Our ceremonies are based on Peruvian Shamanic ways (Mestizo & Shipibo) rooted in the Amazon. Performed with love, gratitude and respect for these centuries old traditions. During our ceremonies you will go on an inner journey under the guidance of traditional music (icaros) and gain access to deeper layers of your consciousness. Making it possible gain new insights and to reflect in an intense way on your life, your personal development, emotional and spiritual growth from a different perspective.

This healing method can be very helpful for healing traumas, fears, addictions, grief processing, depression and the consequences of disturbed family ties.

We also organize 10 day Dietas in the Peruvian Jungle with Maestro Moises a couple of times a year.



The ceremonies usually take place in groups of about 3 to 15 people



you can book a private individual or duo ceremony

Upcoming Ceremonies

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Safety, well-being and integrity are our priorities. To ensure this we apply certain regulations and safety measures.

For some ceremonies there are regulations related to mental and physical health with regard to (psychological) illness, medication use, etc.

During the intake and booking of a ceremony you will receive extensive information about this.
And you also receive diet advice and useful tips that make the ceremony as pleasant as possible and optimize the desired result.